Pinot Noir

An elegant and convivial Pinot Noir,

perfect for many occasions.


Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
Site: Mazzon, Caldaro, west facing slope at 250 m s.l.m.
Fermantation: big barrels
Color: bright, lively ruby red
Bouquet:  fruity, elegant aromas of berries, raspberry and strawberry, with delicate spice.

Palate: fresh and stimulating with soft tannins, a lively acidity and juicy finish
Aging potential: 7 years
Service temperature: 12-14 °C

Pairing suggestions: pasta dishes, white meats, bacon

dumplings, South Tyrolean charcuterie

Waste separation: Capsule - C/ALU 90 aluminium and metal, Bottle Stop - For 51 Cork, Bottle - GL 71 Glass. Check your municipality's waste collection system. 

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